Harvey Girls Tours

Harvey GirlsThe Castañeda Hotel and Montezuma Castle were Fred Harvey properties back in the day, and both used the services of Harvey Girls, dignified young women who were prim and proper, efficient, and dependable. The uniform of crisp black dresses with starched white accents at cuff and collar, and overlaid with a white apron, sent a clear message that the customer was first and service was paramount.

These young women were the epitome of grace and hospitality, implementing Fred Harvey’s mandate to provide outstanding customer service. They followed the rules and found a life of independence and adventure.

Each young woman was fully trained in the art of customer care. While it could be grueling work, the young women were well paid. The modern-day Las Vegas contingent of Harvey Girls dress in the style of their sisters from a by-gone era, and stay in character while on tour.

Upon request Las Vegas Harvey Girls take part in tours to Montezuma Castle and the Castañeda Hotel. (Limited to tours of eight or more people.) Book your tour now by calling Southwest Detours at 505-459-6987.