Movie & Film Sites

Film BrochureLas Vegas has been a favorite film site for movie studios since the early days of silent films. Tom Mix and Roman Fielding loved it for its combination of wide open spaces, in-town ambiance, and authentic flavor. There are no bluer skies than the skies over Las Vegas and no more beautiful sunsets and sunrises. From a film maker's point of view, the area can't be beat.

Movie and Film Site tours will take visitors all over town and into the countryside where classic movies like Red Dawn, Easy Rider, All the Pretty Horses, and No Country for Old Men were made, and that's just in recent years. Old west favorites featuring the original cowboy, Tom Mix, date back to 1915.

And then there's television and advertising shoots. Longmire, one of the most popular current TV shows filmed around town is entering its fifth season of production.

Film makers also like the area for its scenic diversity and the city for its multiple-period options; it can be modern day or turn of the century.

The Las Vegas New Mexico Film Tour Guide gives a more in depth look at filming in and around Las Vegas. For a more personal experience, book a Movie and Film tour today by calling 505-459-6987.