Historical Homes & Properties

Plaza HotelThe graceful and elegant architecture of Las Vegas, N.M. takes one back to days gone by. Italianate, Romanesque, Spanish Colonial, Queen Anne, New Mexico Territorial... the styles complement each other and create an ambiance of charm and grace. Respected architects from across the land came to Las Vegas to create homes for the wealthy and influential merchants who flocked to the area. The town had long been a crossroads for traders going east and west, north and south. When the railroad came it brought with it entrepreneurs, educators, and adventurers.

New Mexico Highlands University is one among the many properties located in nine historic districts across the community. Inside the administration building are murals created during the WPA era. The Adele Ilfeld Auditorium is considered one of the finest performance venues in the southwest. Constructed in Romanesque Revival style, the building has served the university and Las Vegas since its constructionCastaneda Hotel, which was completed in 1921.

Jewels of the Historical Homes and Properties Tour are the soon-to-be renovated CastaƱeda Hotel, the Italianate style Plaza Hotel, and the Queen Anne style Montezuma Castle, home of the United World College.

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