Las Vegas

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Las Vegas, New Mexico is crisscrossed with the literal and figurative trails, adventures, and stories of the authentic Old West. Like scars on the faces of the infamous outlaws who earned their notoriety here, these trails are imprinted with a colorful past that is the stuff of legends.

Today, in this land of legend and lore, visitors are forging new adventures down these old trails, creating legends of their own on the very ground where the West began and history was made. The Las Vegas Area Tour will give you an inside look at how two towns divided by a river became a modern city known for its charm and hospitality. With more than 900 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, Las Vegas reveals the multi-cultural influences that shaped its character.

Festivals, fiestas and events throughout the year showcase the gifts and talents of the area’s many artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs. As a board member of the Las Vegas Citizen’s Committee for Historic preservation, tour director Kathy Hendrickson is committed to sharing accurate historical information about the history and mystery that is Las Vegas. To book your tour now contact Southwest Detours at 505-459-6987.