CastaƱeda Hotel:

Las Vegas, NM

Hotel built in 1898

Montezuma Castle:

Montezuma, NM

Built 1886
Now a United World College

Plaza Hotel:

Las Vegas, NM

Hotel Built 1882

kathycar"New Adventures Down Old Trails!" Is the Motto for Las Vegas, NM. With more than 900 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, you cannot help feeling you are back in the wild west. With a little imagination you can envision Billy the Kid or Doc Holiday standing on the corner. If you are lucky maybe a local cowboy will come meandering down the street on his trusty steed, stopping by the local saloon for a beer. This is Las Vegas.

History is woven into the fabric of this railroad era town, from its Old Town Plaza to the train depot and the soon-to-be restored CastaƱeda Hotel. The architecture is an eclectic mix of Victorian, craftsman, and bungalow style homes and properties. The story behind the making of Las Vegas today, is intriguing, surprising, and entertaining. Tour director Kathy Hendrickson personalizes tours to fit your requirements.

Tours Offered:

Southwest Detours
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